Original Piece #1 5


I’ve written about 5 complete piano solos in total, and I’m trying to notate and/or record each one. Here is the first one, written around the age of 12, with some small changes over the years. I had recently learned Für Elise by Beethoven when I wrote it, which inspired this piece to some degree. And since I had a long-time (even at the time) faux romance with the sister of two of my best friends, her name being Elizabeth, I jokingly referred to this piece as “Für Eliz.”

  • Rachel Ann

    Robert Lee! This is lovely. Hannah says, “It reminds me of something that would be in Amelie” which is just about the best compliment you can get from a Sovilla girl.

    • Robert Lee White

      haha I love it. Thanks!

  • l.j.white

    I had forgotten this piece! I love it. Did you email “Eliz” and tell her you put this up? She’d really enjoy it!

  • Avery

    Ellen Ray Chappuis: That is so beautiful. Can’t believe he was only 12 when he wrote that!

  • Avery

    Susan Weissman Shields: Unbelievable……!